Movement - Rehabilitation - Breathing - Pilates - Wellbeing

Welcome to Activate Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. We are a Nelson clinic specialising in rehabilitation to help clients recover
from surgery, sports injuries, joint and muscle conditions, chronic pain, breathing pattern disorders and cancer related treatment .We
are the only local certified providers of the Bradcliff Breathing technique and the PINC and STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation programmes.

Our goal is to create a positive, personalised experience for our clients, within a relaxing and holistic environment conducive to
movement and recovery.

Our   experienced team offer one-to-one physiotherapy and exercise sessions from experienced and well qualified physiotherapists. We
are passionate about engaging our clients in their own patient -centred rehabilitation plan, encouraging a self -management approach
and involving them as an active participant in their journey to full fitness and health.
We aim to restore clients to full strength and fitness whether they are recovering from an acute injury, chronic pain or a  muscle
imbalance .We are passionate about empowering cancer survivors to live life to the full and believe that efficient breathing is the
foundation for good health and wellbeing .