Efficient breathing is essential for optimal health. With todaysí fast paced lifestyle many people experience stress and anxiety related
breathing disorders .When this is combined with underlying respiratory problems such as asthma or other co-existing health problems the
result is often debilitating. Breathing is the first step in regaining control and restoration.
Bradcliff Breathing practitioners are passionate about providing strategies that include education and drug free options. The Bradcliff
method is a structured, research based physiotherapy assessment and treatment programme for treating functional breathing pattern
disorders in people of all ages.
It looks at dysfunctional breathing as an indicator of physiological and mechanical imbalances and psychological stress in the human
We can assist with :
Anxiety and panic attacks- in sport , work and social situations
Elite athletes and performers- voice and breath control for optimal performance
Nasal and sinus problems
Sleep related disorders and snoring
Asthma and respiratory conditions
Lack of focus and inattention
Shortness of breath
First session: The initial 1 hour assessment focusses on taking a full history, completing clinical tests and observations and explaining the
reasons for particular symptoms.  If poor breathing is the issue then clients will be given simple strategies to help manage symptoms,
prevent recurrence and get their breathing back under control. The therapist will also address any musculo-skeletal imbalances that may be
contributing to symptoms. It is important for everyone to know what relaxed breathing feels like and how to maintain this .
Ongoing sessions: Most clients will be reviewed within 2 weeks and will attend 5-6 sessions over 3-6 months.
We believe that education is empowering and aim to help each client develop an understanding of their condition and compensatory patterns. We teach clients strategies to control breathing both at rest and during movement. A good breathing pattern is essential for peak performance in all areas of life. Life- long awareness of good breathing patterns will result in improved quality of life.