Our goal is to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with injury, surgery and illness or as a result of poor biomechanics and posture.
We aim to restore movement, strength and alignment by offering expert diagnosis and treatment.
While we have a hands on approach, we strongly encourage self- management , rehabilitation exercises and postural correction to ensure
long term relief and optimal life -long health and wellness.
We offer treatment for a variety of conditions and injuries including:
Back and neck pain
Sports injuries
Arthritic and rheumatoid conditions
Chronic pain
Pre and Post -operative rehabilitation
Performing arts injuries- dancers, actors and musicians

Our therapists use a variety of well researched treatment modalities and techniques to assist your recovery:
Manual therapy : This involves mobilisation or manipulation of a joint to assess, diagnose and treat disorders of the musculo-skeletal
system. Consent is always obtained and techniques explained. These are hands-on movements of the joints, generally very gentle and
always used with care by experienced and well - qualified therapists. There is very strong clinical evidence of the effectiveness of these
techniques for long term relief from pain and dysfunction.
Massage: Massage treatment may include light relaxation massage or deep tissue massage and myofascial release techniques. Relaxation
massage aims to relieve pain, encourage circulation and facilitate movement whilst deep tissue massage releases muscular spasm and
trigger points. Specialised lymphatic massage is also used for clients suffering from lymphoedema.
We offer competitive rates for corporate groups.
Clinical Pilates: Clinical Pilates is a form of exercise that focusses on restoring posture, core stability, balance, strength, flexibility and an
efficient breathing pattern. Clinical Pilates is delivered by qualified clinicians and is particularly helpful in addressing injuries and muscle
imbalances of the neck and back. The literature demonstrates strong evidence in support of retraining the deep stabilising muscles for
management of spinal pain. Clinical Pilates focusses on retraining and improving recruitment of these core stabilising muscles as well as
addressing poor posture and improving strength and flexibility. We utilise assessment and treatment tools to address each clientsí specific
pathology and design a treatment regime to address the cause of the problem rather than just treat the symptom. This gives better long
term outcomes. It can be utilised as part of a treatment programme, in one-on-one sessions or within a small group class.
Exercise Prescription: We believe that this is a vital part of any treatment programme and helps to encourage long term relief of pain and
dysfunction and prevent recurrence. Exercises will be progressed over time and are designed to assist with stretching, strengthening,
posture re-education and improved fitness.
Advice and Education: We believe that education is an important part of treatment and consider this to be very empowering. This may
include work station modifications, advice with regards to safe lifting and injury prevention, postural management and prevention of
recurrence. Breathing and relaxation therapies may be included.
Taping : We utilise strapping tape to help prevent injury as well as protect an athlete from re-injury whilst returning to sport. Its role is to
limit the mobility of an injured joint to prevent excess movement that may cause further damage. In addition, strapping tape should provide
support to the muscles surrounding the joint that may be under additional strain due to the injury. It also provides enhanced
proprioception (feedback) to help improve co-ordination after an injury.
Strapping tape should only be used in conjunction with a proper rehabilitation programme including stretching, mobility and strengthening
We use both standard and kinesio tape as part of our treatment. Additional costs apply.