Our experienced and skilled therapists make use of specialist knowledge to support clients from diagnosis, through
medical and surgical treatments and beyond to regain physical strength and restore full function, improve postural
control, fitness and balance and prevent future injuries.
We offer professional, patient-centred care and strongly encourage a self- management approach to foster long- term
health and wellbeing.
We are ACC registered and happy to work with private health insurers
No referral is necessary but we like to liase with GPs and specialists to offer the best possible care
Fees vary depending on the length of the treatment, the service type and the programme delivered.
Please contact us for specific fee schedule
One-on-one appointments of minimum 30 minutes

Our services include:
Treatment of spinal and joint conditions
Pre and post- operative rehabilitation
Sports injury treatment
Chronic pain management
Clinical Pilates individualised and small group sessions
Certified PINC and STEEL cancer rehabilitation programmes 
Treatment of hyperventilation , breathing pattern disorders and anxiety related breathing difficulties
Relaxation and deep tissue massage
Dance and performance injury rehabilitation
ACC Stay At Work rehabilitation programmes